Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Vonnies art work

I thought I would share with you the stuff I have worked on in my art class but,before I do I want you to know......im not Andy Warhol,ok lets get it over with.

The first one is the ceramic plates and mugs,the glass and glass jar
I couldn't help putting Gale and Randys names on the mugs and on the plates I wanted a christmas theme,we are putting food on the plates on Chrismas day,the mugs won't be used but the glass jar will be used for sweets for the kids,actually I might just wrap the the lot up and give them away as gifts for my family for Christmas!

They all seem to love them anyway,though I will have get stands for the plates.

Moving onto the frames now,the first two are off Gale but I had to add white paper to the top of the pics cos his head would have been covered by the paint,I might ask the beautiful ladies at grafx_requests to fix another pic I want to use instead,I want Gale in one and Randy in the other,I worked on the frames with a tube of glass paint,very tricky to do when you have a hand that shakes like mine.

The last pic (scooby doo) is for my cousins daughter who loves dogs,its not finished yet,I have to either paint him or just add a scooby coloured Back ground,I haven't decided yet.
Again I used the tube of glass paint

Anyway,I hope you like them (im sure you are probably thinking you have a ten year kid that could do better lol)

Tags: art work, ceramics, glass, picspam

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