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Im bitching again (windy weather and pizza face lol)

Todays weather is un-fucking-beleaveable!!!

Its really windy and cold,its so windy that I have just out my window seen a wee boy out walking with his mommy,and been lifted off the ground and made to fall,poor wee thing.

I think the fact that he had more padding than the "Michelin Man" helped him not get hurt,he only looked about four.

Charlie is under my bed and comes out every now and again and looks at me and crys and then goes back under it again,its loud for me,god knows how loud it must be for her,poor wee thing,I can't even get in at her cos shes way in at the back.

My face is all broke out in psorisis and is driving me mad with itch but im using my cream which is helping with that,im not stepping foot outside the front door until its gone,and having bad weather is adding to my decision to stay indoors also.

Im off now to read more of that fic I recc'ed yesterday.
Have a great day whatever you are upto
Hugs you all

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Tags: charlie, cold, fics, hiding, pizza face, psorisis, scared, weather
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