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Brian and Justin picspam

Gifs found on a site called Easy Ride,not sure who made them,
when I saw them I thought it was my birthday!!! *Evil grin*

I thought I would do a picspam since its been a while.

Its Brian and Justin and I think I over did it,but I ask you "Can there really be such a thing as too much Brian and Justin"?
Answear.....No,of course not!!!

I posted it on my Graphics community Yvonne Harold Here (I have been avoiding it of late,poor thing hehehe) ,so if want a peak,go ahead hehehe.

And remember.....coments make my day

onto other stuff------>>> Im def back to my chirpy annoying self again as you can see,and im feeling happier in myself and looking forward to things again.

I got my house done and have a free full day so im gonna try and get back into tagging in my fics community (a mods work never really ends does it??)

I have a great song for my next video,I would love to be able to make clips instead of images but I don't know how to get the clips in!!

Off now to make coffee and do more tags,arrivederci my good people <3
Hugs you all tight x

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Tags: dorky mood, picspam, qeer as folk, yvonne_harold
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