Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

A brighter outlook

Things are doing alot better for me now,im sleeping very well and keeping very busy when im not.
I recieved an appt in the post today to see my therapst on the 22nd of Nov,so im happy about that.

Onto other news now,im finishing off a video I was making and hope to have it posted by tomorrow evening,then im getting started on my christmas video.
Im posting it in my main journal aswell as my new community bjtube ,why not join it and you can post your own Brian and Justin videos,or rec osome to us!!

My fic is coming along too,its the first one im excited about hehehe

Tomorrow im gonna get stuck into house work and put all my old clothes into the clothes bank at the local center,speaking of center I can't wait until May to go back to my art class there when they start up again,I loved that alot,im also hopeing that I can get the pics of my recent work uploaded and posted in here aswell.

Well,im off now to get some sleep,missed sleep is catching up with me lol,chat to you tomorrow sometime :)

Hugs you all x

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Tags: art classes, bjtube, life, me, pics, sleep, videos
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