Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Taking new members

I have opened a new community called bjtube here -->> bjtube and thought you might like to join it.

You can post all your Brian and Justin Video's here (or Gale and Randy) and there will be all sorts of themes we can do and you can win little prizes aswell.

Lol,I came up with the name bjtube when I was was watching a youtube video,I thought it was catchy!

Im not going to start themes until I get a member list of at least 50,but if you like you can do a pre theme (before things get moving along which means no prize,but just for fun),its a christmas theme,im going to start on mine asap,so come on and join,it'll be fun!!!

The video's can be made by you or you can one to us!

*Drags you all in to the community and forces you to sign up*

Hugs you all tight x

I don't know who
owns the blinkie
Tags: bjtube, gale and randy, members, prizes, sign up, themes, videos
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