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Yvonne Reid

Ever since Thursday night I haven't slept very well at all,im just unable to relax and let sleep take me,but it won't.

Im as pale as a ghost and feel like shit because everytime I close my eye's I can't get his face out of my mind and I feel physically sick.

On friday night when I was at my aunts house her daughter told me that the person who raped and abused us was on facebook,and it had a pic of him and two guys (one is his brother) as his profile image.

I hadn't seen him face since he lived next door to me when I was seventeen years old and I swear if he passed me on the street I wouldn't have known it was him,he was just unfamiliar looking,strange even.

Ever since then,I can't get his face out of my head at all and its making me feel sick!

On the advice of alot of people,im making an appointment to see my therapist in the morning for hopefully next week sometime.

My psorisis have flared up aswell I have just noticed and are driving me mad with itch.

I knew this day would come but I thought it would be face to face and not a picture.

My feelings at the moment are anger and emotional,very emotional, yet under it all I know in my heart this will pass,all of these feelings,I just hope its very soon.

I made a post to a community on here about this hopeing that I would get alot of support (which I did *iz very thankful to them*) ,because I didn't want to tell my family but my mom sensed something was up and tonight was making herslf comfortable to find out what,she came all the way up from the south,so now its out in the open and still I don't feel any better.

Im writing this in here just to see if it will help,I have spoken quite abit about it now and feel no different,but maybe if I get a little sleep my chest won't feel as heavy in the morning.

Its 2.35 am and its just me and my mom here,Charlie is away for a wee holiday at my folks house,she left tonight with my dad when he dropped my mom off,hes taking care of her for a few days for me.

Im gonna try and get some sleep now

I don't know who made
the blinkie,sorry
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