Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

I guess it could be worse

No art class this morning ---->>> Yea,I was told that my art class was cancelled this morning due to wee jobs that were being done to the room that the class is in,and it couldn't take place in any other room in the building because they were being used for other classes,but the class will be back on tomorrow!!

Needless to say I was pissed when I heard this,I love that class and tomorrow is the last day because the wee doll that teaches it is going on leave to have a baby and even if she does take the class again on Wednesday to make up for today,I can't go because im going to another class --->>> what a bummer!!!

Anyway,onto other news,im going to my cousins house in the country on Wednesday until next Tuesday,she asked me up and when I go there I always have a blast and never want to leave,thats why I stay so long,I am looking forward to it but will not go on her computer at all cos it is slower than snails doing the nasty --->>> seriously!

Im not sure how im gonna fill out today,I was going to my class,then I had planned on going to the town with my sister to help her shop for groceries but shes now not going until tonight when she gets a lift from her ex,then I planned on getting my hair washed and blow dried at the salon but washed it myself in the shower instead so im just gonna relax I think,since the house was never hardly empty with kids over the weekend.

Im off now to grab some coffee and do some housework (can always count on the house to give me something to do lol) then have some lunch and just see what happens,have a great week flist --->>> love you

Hugs you x

Ps,sorry about complaining

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Tags: art classes, bored, cancelled, house work, kids, lunch, monday, nieces, weekend
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