Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

I want to tell you how it went

Today I went to my first arts and crafts class,it was yoga,relaxation and such,and I couldn't help but feel like laughing most of the way through it (im so bad,I know this),I have no idea what the hell came over me at all,usually im so relaxed and easy to adjust to things quickly enough these days,but I have no idea why that happened at all lol

I really enjoyed it,even if I was a complete twit hahaha

The place thats doing this class are also doing first aid class,and im very interested in doing that too,since my other arts and crafts class ends next Tuesday im gonna have to take up something else,I don't like not having anything to do and as you all know,I love meeting new people!

Im off now to find the hottest Brian and Justin story I can to read,but first im gonna do the next part of my 30 day meme.

Hugs you all


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Tags: arts, crafts, life
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