Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

A big day for my mom

Today I learned there's a new way im gonna treat my psoriasis,I just came across this site about aloe vera juice when my sister told me she is drinking it and it seems to be helping her (she too is plagued with it),her skin does look a hell of a lot less angry so I lookede it up and im gonna give it a shot too

A few years ago I went on whats known as a "Residential" near the end of my therapy for my sexual abuse,it lasted three days,anyway my mom is on hers now,she went this evening,I never saw the poor pet as nervous about anything in all my life,she was very nervous,I really hope it works for her.

My sister who's coming to France with me in July also went on this Residential last year and she seems to be over the worst part now and is healing nicly (thankfully).

Papa bear also went on this after her, last year,im sure what he went for,it caters for different things,hes alot better too,im glad,we are just waiting for my mum to get as far as them now.

Ok,in other stuff,I got the tags typed up for the fics community and hope to send them out to you all soon (don't panic,its not as bad as it sounds lol)I will basically send the tags to you and ask you to type your fics name beside the tags appropriate for your story,thats all.

Ok,im off now,have a great night/day

Hugs you all

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