Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

I think I saved a childs life today

Yep,just like the title says.....I think I saved a childs life today.
It happened on my way to art class,there was a tyre in the middle of the road,and a child coming in the direction of it playing with her ball,and a car came speeding around the corner.

I lifted the tyre and put it onto the grass there and I honestly believe that had I not done that,the driver may have drove into it and killed or hurt the kid who was just a few feet away from it.

I also would like to say that the little girl in the coma woke up last night and is awake now and talking to everyone,she remembers her family and loved ones and everyone is over the moon,this is really great news,I even got all teary eyed when I heard it myself.

Thank you to eveyone for your support and kindness over the past month,you are really great friends <3

I am almost done with my art project and hope to post the pics of them in the next few days.

Im off now to get coffee and do house work,I hope you guys have a great day,and thanks again <3

Hugest hugs to you all

Please let me know
if you own this blinkie
so I can credit you
Tags: art classes, becky, coma, house work, pics, project, rl
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