Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

I hate coming up with a damn title sometimes grrrrr

I just completed "Blackie and Babe" and I must say,I loved reading it alot,if you want to read it heres the link -----> http://midnightwhispers.ca/viewstory.php?sid=221&textsize=0&chapter=1

I would give it a go if I was you,its really good and if you want to know whats its about go here ---------> http://community.livejournal.com/getithere/1329390.html

Do give it a shot (thats my contribution Jackie sexy_pumpkin whats yous for me lol)

Anyway,on to other stuff,im not gonna ask this over on getithere since I have no idea what im asking for to begin with so im asking it here......pleeeeeease rec a good fic for me to read,as long as there pleeeeeenty of hot Brian and Justin sex with reasonable good story,give it to me!!!

Im off now to get showered and ready for tomorrow,its back to my art class (yaaay)then I go there on Tuesday aswell,on Wednesday I start a new class,it intails alot,relaxation,aromatherapy and other stuff,that one is on until around xmas,then they take us all out for a free xmas dinner hehehe.

Later sweet hearts x
Tags: art, fics, life
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