Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Clean up time

I spent most of today doing a house spring clean (in Autumm lol) as I like to do it at least once a month properly,just incase I miss anything during the week,but manly places I don't do during the week,like cupboards and stuff.

Anyway,its done now and it feels great to be finished it all,and with my shower over im gonna relax after dinner and get stuck into tags for the fics community queer_as_fics as I have to then get all the fics tagged with appropriate tags,its gonna be a long weekend hahaha (possibly week too)

Well,im off now to get some dinner I hope you have a great weekend,be good and if you can't be good,be careful and if you can't be careful.......buy a pram lol

Warm hugs x

If the blinkie is yours
let me know so I can
credit you
Tags: cleaning up, fics, tags
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