Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Ramble on

Im just enjoying a cup of coffee and im about to get started on a new fic,while having a converstaion with our good buddy Nicky,the guy is awesome!!! and im so excited about meeting him in July when I go to France

Today was a good day for me,I didn't go to my art class because when I woke up I had a headache and sore throat and my right arm was sore too,so I thought I could get away with missing todays class

I was mostly outside today,walking and visiting people,taking my sisters dog out for a walk (shes at work and sometimes walk her dog when her friend can't),it was a pleasent day I thought,the weather was just mild I thought

I have gathered up stuff (but need more) for the xmas gift to the person that has posted the most fics over on my community queer_as_fics by December the 1st,im excited about who will win

Im also doing a wee contest there for scary stories at halloween which im excited about,I love halloween and scary fics,theres banners for whom ever wins,and on my graphics community yvonne_harold im doing a just for fun halloween graphics,im excited about that too,I hope you will all take part,its going to be fun

I have a few things to do tomorrow,parcels to post,actually just one,I have to get a gift for Judy who got me Randys autograph at stock bridge if I recall,I was gonna send her a ceramic plate with stand but im terrified it will get broke so I changed my mind on that idea

I would like to say that I acted like a complete asshole doing that post about QAFPOST a few entries back,I had no right to that and I have said im sorry to Lex for doing it,thankfully I think she forgives me,which im grateful for since I don't deserve it

Im not the type of person who likes to have enemies or start fights with people,I come on livejournal to get away from my life when I need to,and im grateful to have you guys as my friends

Ok,I made a good few entries today so Im sorry about that,I won't be making anymore,I just felt like a wee ramble,im always harping on hahaha,im off now to read fics,thanks for reading,I appreciate it.

Warm hugs to everyone
Tags: ramblings, real life
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