Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

"Halloween fics fun" on queer as fics

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Im doing a wee contest in here for scary (or something that takes place on halloween) fics about our fave boys or, indeed any pairing from Queer as Folk and hope you might like to participate in it?

I love halloween and things that go along with it,kids trick or treating (and then breaking my doorbell when I have run out of treats for them.....little runts lol)and the parties and makeup,I love it all.

So there must be some scary/haunting/ghostly fics you guys can come up with for fun,so that a loser like me who stay's home on halloween night can sit in and read lol,and the scariest or chilling one will win a banner.

Just submit your entries before October 30th and have lots of fun doing it..........oh okay,I will have two runner ups aswell,so get cracking guys,we all wanna read those chilling fics.

Warmest of hugs s 
Tags: contest, fics, halloween fun, queer as fics
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