Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Time sure does fly

wow,im making a birthday banner for our good buddy Nicky ifuseeknicky for tomorrow,and it seems like only yesterday I was making one for his last birthday,I can't believe how quick this year has went,and I have made so many great friends on here too,its been great being on livejournal,and I have loved it alot,I still do.

I find Sunday the most boring day of the week,my wonderful sister Emma has kindly invited me to have dinner with her and her wonderful partner Michelle,and im going there soon,then I plan to read some more fics the rest of the evening before getting ready for my bed,I have my art class to attend at 09.30 in the morning which im looking forward to alot :)

Nothing much happened last week,other than I joined some classes but nothing worth mentioning,and I never did get any takers for seasons two and four of queer as folk which are still here and for fee if anyone wants them.
Seaons three,one and five are taken and will be sent out maybe this week if I can.

Well,im off now to get ready for dinner,will be back this evening,ok have a great Sunday everyone,love ya.x

Warm hugs xoxox
Tags: random, sunday
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