Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

The biggest step I will ever take (probably)

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Im putting this behind a cut if you wanna read,please come on in.....but wipe your feet on the rug,I just had the carpets cleaned hehehehe

First of all,the wee girl that was in the coma opened her eyes today for the first time and everyone is happy about that,myself included,now we are just waiting to see how things go from here,but this is a great start,will keep you posted on her.

Secondly,I am no longer taking anti depressants (yee-ha),about a month ago I thought that rather than go and see my doctor about them I would wean myself off them,and I have successfully done it on my own.

My dad spoke to his doctor today when he was in, about it and he told him that it only takes a few days to get symptoms if coming off a drug and since I did this three weeks ago,I have done it without bad withdrawals and thats very good,though he wished I went in and saw him cos it could have been bad,but he said the weaning off was a great idea and im so proud of myself hehehehe.

How it happened was one night I couldn't find them and said to myself,im sure one night without them won't do any harm,then four nights later I still couldn't find them,when I eventually did find them it was a week later and I felt nothing,just the same as my usual chirpy self,then I found them and took them for two nights then skipped two then two nights again and skipped two,then I just took it one night and skipped one,but now im off them altogether and its been three weeks,I still feel nothing,just chirpy like usual (unless im upset about something of course).

Now I can safly say I have said goodbye to anti depressants for good,and I know that if if I need to talk about anything,you guys will always listen,if my offline friends don't.

I don't recommend any of you who take anti depressants to do this,just because it was ok for me,it may have dire consequences for you,so see your doctor if you want do this please,thank you.

Ok,well im off now to do some house work,I just wanted to share my good news with you all,have a nice day whatever you guys get up to.

Warm hugs x
Tags: anti depressants, coma, drugs, me, real life, weaning
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