Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Me opening up to you

Animated Brian

Animated Brian made by yvonnereid

I made the animated pic a while ago hehehe
Ok,this is just a wee ramble post,nothing important,im putting it under the cut if you want to read it.

Tonight as I read my emails I asked myself "why do I love livejournal so much" and I told my self "Its because I have better friends on there than I do in my real life,and thats the truth.

Im not a fake person like we are finding out some people are on here and even on the internet in general, I want folks to see me as honest,because I am honest,I don't like hurting people just like I don't like people hurting me,my mom always said when I was growing up "treat others as you want them to treat you" and thats just what I do.

I am not skinny,I don't want to be (but I do want to take off at least three stone),I am single and live with my baby Charlie (my shit-zu hehehe)

I am into woman even thou I have never kissed one let alone slept with one,I am still atrracted to them.

Im sometimes very shy but most of the time im not,in my whole 31 years I have only had one steady partner that I was with for three years,he turned out to be an asshole (sorry for saying that).

I do get hurt very easily cos thats just the way I am but I find I don't take shit anymore and I firmly believe its thanks to Nicky ifuseeknicky because since we became friends on lj and skype.....he has really took me out of myself and im not the same person I was before,so thanks for that Nicky baby.

Theres a saying "some people come into your life for a reason,some people come into your life a season and some people come into your life to stay" Nicky came into mine for a reason,and at the right time.

Is there anything at all you would like to ask me about myself that you want to know,im open about everything so just ask,I want my friends on here to know that dispite what has been going on latley.....you can trust me to be honest and not lie to you,I hope you all do actually,its bad that theres folks who have done this cos it makes people feel less trust for others doesnt it?

Anyway,the ramble is over hahaha,its 00.38 and im gonna rec a fic or two over on my community and then head to bed and watch queer as folk,im on season two now,every couple of months after I finish season five I re watch them again,at this rate I will need to rebuy 1-5 again soon hahaha.

Okay,have a great night whatever you guys get up to and remember what I said.....you can trust me

Nighty night all,love you

Warm hugs x
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