Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid


Thanks to Marcy evy_9_seconds I have just watched Gales very first episode on "Hellcats".........I LOVED IT!!!!

His accent is fucking hot,so's he hahaha

I really hope that she will put every episode he's in up so I will have a chance of seeing it,I love him in it alot

I love how cocky he is (I kept thinking....yep,Brian lives on hehehehe)
I just can't get over how hot he is,even at 41,im breathless everytime I see him on tv,he just takes my breath away
*picks up phone and makes appointment to see a shrink*

Im just mesmerised by this mans beauty and im so glad hes back on tv,im waiting patiently for his next episode.
*Taps finger nails on table*

Warm hugs x
Tags: brian kinney, gale harold, hellcats
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