Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Saturday Night Blues

So its saturday night and im home alone
I am skint so I can't hit the town,not that I go clubbing much anyway but sometimes its not bad,its been a few years now since I last went out to a club,I don't miss them but its nice to mix with guys my own age sometimes

Anyways I thought I would read for a bit tonight and I wanted to read a fic by Karyn inner_justin called "seven minutes" but I see she deleted her journal and now I can't read it,its such a shame cos I love that fic alot,she wouldn't have posted her fics anywhere else would she,if so does any of you know where,or maybe I should ask over on getithere but if you do know anything,please let me know here,maybe she posted all her fics somewhere before she deleted her journal

The only place I really read fics is in lj so im not familiar with other fic sites and I wouldn't have a clue where to look anyway

I have signed up to do some course this year,one is a life course which helps people in my situation get back into real life (instead of living in a fantasy world like I have done for the last,well....ever) I think it will be good for me,the second is an arts and crafts club course (I am creative I just need to be creative with more stuff,like whatever I will learn there hahahaha),and theres more im trying to get involved with too but I will just have to wait for a bit to see whats coming up

My nanna gave me £50 for the "Yvonnes going to Paris" funds today (she gave us all £50 actually as she had saved up alot of money over the years,today she just devided it out between all her grand children) I was very grateful

Fuck,anyone would think I was writing my life story here its so long this time

The wee girl in the coma took a turn for the worse last night,she had a stroke,shes stable now thanfully and everyone is still hopefull she will come out of the coma.

Chat soon x
Tags: real life
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