Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Gale Harold is my rock

Today was a little strange I felt,im not sure why,it just felt strange,its like I was looking at my life as an observer from the outside and I don't understand this feeling or why this happened,I don't think its happened before,its just strange.

I have been keeping busy all day,coming and going from home to home to visit almost everyone I know that lives close by,I guess I was just grateful to have them in my life today.

I've gotten back into watching Queer as Folk at night before I go to sleep and tonight im starting on season two.

For some reason no matter whats going on in my life,when I watch that show or anything with Gale in it,it just takes my mind of all things in my life I don't want to think about,course I know once the shows over (or movies) the problems are still there,but its good to escape them all for a while.

The wee lass is still in the coma and everyone (myself included) is still worried sick about her,but im hopeful she will pull through.

I never met the girl in my life or her mother (whos now the wife of my nieces and nephew' father) but I still feel like shit with worry for her and hope very much she'll pull through,its the wait to find out thats the hardest,for everyone.

You guys are my rock yet again,in this time that is difficult

I love you all

Tags: real life
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