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Snagged from Merrily *Hugs her* wrstgirl

I have to say I find this quite true,I am sensitive and I do want to make people happier and make the world a better place,save it if I can (I know I can't).

Im not sure if folks see me as unselfish and well mannered but I do enjoy being around them,even if it makes me feel claustraphobic sometimes.

Lets see,I know alot of people in my life think im wierd and abit strange (they say it often enough lol) and I do find alot of things very fasinating,not so much trends or tecnology,just things in general,its also true they never know what to expect from me or when,they all love my sense of humor and the fact that I now say what I think and don't hold back,about anything (ok,I know that last bit wasn't in there,I added it anyway cos its true)

I put this behind the cut if you want to read what it actually says

You Are Tender and Tolerant

When You Are Comfortable or in a Social Setting:

You are a sensitive, gentle soul. You want to save the world... or as much of it as possible.

People see you as unselfish and well mannered. You truly enjoy being around others, and it shows.

When You Are At Your Best:

You are cutting edge, offbeat, and even a little weird. You are fascinated with trends and technology.

People see you as a bit strange. They're not sure what they should expect of you. You are definitely apt to do your own thing.

think lol)
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