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Its Such A Perfect Day

Today im sitting on a deserted Island (im in my front garden) with Gale Harold (im with my next door neighbour) and im sipping a cocktail (its coffee) and I have just written part two of my new fic "The Blond Angel",I hope to get it beta'ed soon so it can be posted.

Its a very hot day today and im walking around in next to nothing (not a pretty sight) but I am just not that kind of heat gal,if you know what I mean hehehehe.

My over all mood today is awesome,I couldn't feel better,im signing up for a course on Health and Beauty and Wieght Management, (well,I have to look hot when I go to France hehehe) other than that,all is quiet on the home front.

Im hopeing to post some banners I made,this evening some time

Well,I hope whatever you guys get up to today,you are as happy and uplifted as I am.

Warm hugs
Tags: fics, happy, loved, sunshine, writing
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