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Gi soulagé son fait (Im relieved its done)

Im so relieved,I have just finished tagging in my community queer_as_fics and I couldn't be happier because of it,I really am glad its done now,it must have taken me at least two weeks to do.

I can't believe how well it is going in there,you guys are the best and im so grateful you post your awesome fics in there,I really am lucky to have you all,thank you with all my heart (and please continue to post hehehe,thankies)

Can I please just ask that you will continue to tag your fics with your username,thanks guys

I was suppose to be babysitting my two nieces tonight but my sister got someone else and I was fine with that.

Im still saving really hard for France and as each day comes I look forward to it more and more,and im trying to teach myself french words aswell,I know some words ,Je voudrais un café s'il vous plaît (I would like some coffee please) im probably gonna be using this one the most since my body is a cabnet for coffee lol.

Im gonna maybe make some banners tonight to unwind,they may be for shit alot of the time but its still relaxing to do and I love it.

Anyhow,thats todays rant over lol
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