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No one read these anymore............

.........came on in The Simpsoms movie at the start and I remember thinking to myself,oh thats kinda like my posts in my journal lol.

The competition im holding on my fics community queer_as_fics is really taking off,its a good thing I have tagged all your fics with your names and you are continuing to do so yourselves (godbless lintti for telling me to tag names to fics hehehe)cos it makes them no hassel to count,cos they already are lol.

As you know,the competition closes on Dec 1st so you still have stacks of time left to join and be in with a chance to win that xmas parcel in the post (and I don't hold back when giving stuff,right Nicky? lol ifuseeknicky )

I want to say im sorry to everyone who has expressed annoyance about the community posts being to much for your friends page,I really am sorry for that but its a competition and everyone is trying to win so thats why someone will make more than one post a day,sorry about that.

I will have to get back into tagging tonight again but alot of its done thankfully.

Im very excited about who will win this,I decided at the start that I would only enter 10 people but then Nicky suggested everyone who posts in there should be in it,so I thought that would be a better idea then.

Anyway,onto todays news,Im spending the rest of the evening alone thankfully,my folks are away home finally (don't get me wrong,I love them dearly,its just that they nag too much sometimes lol)

Im babysitting my two nieces tomorrow day and night because my sister is going to her friends BBQ.
I agree'd because she is donating £10 to the Yvonnes going to Paris funds which you can feel free to donate to if you like lol.

Anyway,im off now to get some coffe and get to tagging again,enjoy your day and I will leave you with this hot pic of our boys hehehehe


Tags: competion, entrants, fics, rl, tags
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