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A few thingies and Nicky ifuseeknicky

I just wanna say a huge "Thanks" to Nicky ifuseeknicky for using alot of his time to do work on my layouts and with Twitter and Facebook,im so grateful I can't even explain how much,"Thanks nicky"

He changed the layout a little more on queer_as_fics and made it not transparent anymore because some of you said you couldn't see the text,it was a pity cos I loved the transparent look,ahwell.

He has worked really hard for me and im so grateful.

Im doing a compition on queer_as_fics but will do a post about that over there later,its open to all members so I hope you will take part.

Im off now to do house work,have a great weekend everyone
Tags: house work, layouts, nicky, thank you, weekend
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