Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Howdy howdy howdy 爱

My fics community queer_as_fics has been revamped,go check it out.
As has my profile page in there,the master of the creativity is Nicky ifuseeknicky

I am still working on the tags in there to get everyones fics tagged with thier names but if you could please continue to tag your fics with your username yourselves (some of you are doing this now and you have no idea how grateful I am lol) then I would be very grateful for that,thanks guys.

I have done 250 so far,only another 250ish to go hahaha,aaahhh the things us mods have to do.

Anyway,im off now to get ready for bed,hope you all like the new layout and praise Nickys work accordingly.

Tags: banner, chinnese symbol=love, gale harold, layout, nicky, queer as fics
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