Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

I can't think of a title today lol

I missed a day on my computer yesterday and it felt like a life time lol.
All's well thankfully,I just had someone with me all day that I couldn't (or maybe didn't want to hehehe) get away from for five mins to pop in here.

Ah'well,hes gone now lol

I have been wondering about something and thought,theres no better place to ask than in here!!!

I keep a list of eveyones fics in memories on my community queer_as_fics but I want to go back and put thier names in the tags to make it easier for folks to find them by the name of the author aswell........how do I do that????

Please help ;)

So how was everyones weekend?

I made some banners im gonna post a little later this evening also!

Huge hugs to all my flist
Tags: banners, fics, question, tags, weekend
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