Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Q & A meme

Snagged from my wonderful friend Viv foreverbm

1) Are you male or female? female

2) Which part of the world are you from? Ireland

3) What kind of work is it that you do? Im unemployed

4) Are you single or living with someone? Single,I live with my baby Charlie

5) Do you have kids? No

6) Do you have any pets? A beautiful Shit-zu named Charlie

7) Do you drive a car? No

8) What's your favourite colour? I have two,pink and purple

9) What's your favourite sport? I hate sports

10) Who is your favourite actor/actress? Ummm,Gale Harold

11) What colour is your hair? Its Brown

12) What colour are your eyes? Blue/green

13) What is your favourite animal? A cat

14) What is your favourite plant? I don't really have one,all I think

15) What is your favourite food? pasta

16) What is your favourite drink? Coffee

17) What is your favourite book? I don't really read them

18) What is your favourite singer? Westlife and Britney Spears voices blow me away

19) Are you more of a Beatles or a Rolling Stones kind of person? None

20) Do you like musicals? Phantom of the Opera

21) Do you watch soap operas? No

22) Are you more a coffee or a tea person? Def Coffee

23) Do you know how to make Yorkshire pudding? No

24) What is the meaning of the word "graínne"? Im assumeing im spose to know this without cheating and looking it up,I never heard of it before

25) If you had a free Sunday morning - what would be your favourite pasttime? Reading fanfic

26) Are you able to sit down with a book when there's dirty laudry lying around? I will relate this question to fanfic since thats all I do read.....hell yea hehehe

27) Do you write fanfic? Ummm,not really,a little I guess but nothing great

28) Do you read fanfic? All the time

29) Do you like Broccoli? Yes

30) What is your favourite ice-cream? Chocolate or Vanilla

31) How did you find me? And why did you come here in the first place? I came across ypu when I was asking around for a Gale Harold layout I think
Tags: meme
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