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QAF - Meme

I snagged this from medveditsa over on queensoftarts and did it cos I can't effing sleep,its 02.15,ok here goes....

1) Fav Season?

I love them all but season two is memorible for me,I don't know why,it just is.

2) Fav Episode?

Again I loved them all but the one that springs to mind and always has is the prom in season one,I just love that eppy alot!

3) Fav QAF icon?

This one it was made by pfodge

4) Fav outfit worn?

Brian in his birthday suit,does that count....no....ok then,Brian wearing that red shirt in the episode were hes going to studs in suds

5) Fav Storyline?

Ummm,I loved them all but I really enjoyed the cancer storyline alot,even thou it tore me in two to see poor Brian that way,I thought he played the part well,what the fuck am I saying......he played the whole character of Brian awesomely,look its after 2 am,ok on to the next question then hahaha

6) Storyline or Topic you wish was included?

I would like to have known alot more about Brians background than was told!

7) Fav song that was featured?

I have a good few actually,Let's hear it for the boy,Forever Young,Proud, Save the last Dance,High school confidential,You think your a man,Absolutlty not but sleep is my all time fave one at the min by Dandy warhols.

8) Least fav storyline?

The Justin and Ethan one,all of it!

9) Fav secondary character?

Ummm,that would be Debbie I think

10) Fav fanfiction?

Im not gonna say just one here because I honestly have yet to read a bad one (unless it was wrote by me of course hahaha) but seriously,I love them all alot!

11) Fav item you have related to QAF? if any?

A Cowry Shell B racelet,oh yea I lost it but its in this house somewhere!!!

12) If you could own one item from the sets, what would it be and why?

Does Brians bed count???

13) Would you attend a QAF convention?

Who the fuck thinks of these questions lol,of course I would *rolls eyes*

14) How many people have you convinced to watch QAF?

Just one,and she fancied Ben,but shes not really a die hard fan nut like me,is it possible anyone is??? hahaha

15) How often does QAF come up in your daily conversations?


16) Do you own the DVDs or Box Set, or nothing?
I owned 3 box sets 1-5,I gave one to a fellow journaler as a wee gift and the other two sit by my bed.

17) Fav set location?

Brians loft! hehehe

18) Did you watch the original UK series? US or UK?

Yes and I hated it,I watched it in the late 90's when it aired on British tv and I don't remember fancying anyone in it at all,but did think Vince was cute!

19) Do you think the show dealt with realistic topics or was it more for entertainment rather than to educate?
Of course it did,the shit they dealt with on that show including how Brian and Justins asshole dads were are very real in this world,homophobia excists very much in our world and all the other shit the characters have to deal with so yea,of course it did.

20) Pick a character and list what you think their fav would be; book? scent? car? food? movie?

Brians fave book.....Kama Sutra hahaha....his fave scent......Justins skin....his fave car....that corvette thing.......his fave food......well he liked eating Justins ass,does that count? no,ok.......chinnese food.....his fave movie......anything that has James Dean in it I think hehehe
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