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Im terrified

Animated pic by galesweetie
click on it to see it work

Todays the day I go to the dentist so he can open my gum where he took a tooth out in 2007 to take out the rest of the chippings thats still there,im really scared.

Im at the local centre printing of monthly meeting sheets and photocopying them,it gets me out of the house for a while,fuck the dentist is in one more hour and I have to get back to this,will give you all an update later but im warning you,be prepared for alot of moaning (of course its possible it may not be as abd as I think,I never had this done before so I don't know)

Later all (is still scared)

Edited:I just say what happed here rather thatn do a seperate post.....my dentist said that exray showed that the slivers are moving up and in time will push themselves out so he didn't want to open up the gum and he was certain I didn't want that either since he never knew a face could be so pale from worry hahaha,so I just got two fillings instead,im happy enough with that.
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