Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Meme - 50 things I love

1.My family,friends and relitives
2.My dog Charlie
3.My LJ friends
4.Sunny days
5.Nature walks
6.My computer
7.Queer as Folk (Brian & Justin)
8.Gale and Randy
10.Sending/giving gifts
11.White bread
12.Cheese pizza
14.Strong coffee
16.Frames (for pics)
17.Hot showers
18.Making people smile
19.My hair (even if it drives me mad some times)
20.Britney Spears
22.My Gale/Randy autographs/Gale clip/Pics
23.My Titanic Necklace
24.Love songs
25.Spending time with people
26.Meeting people
27.Not smoking anymore
28.Adventurous people (they bring me out of myself when depression strikes)
29.Cats (I had one called Tinkerbell who went missing about two years ago or it could be three now)I did have a cat called Billie but she lives with my sister and niece.
30.collecting souveniers
31.Dove face and body cream (one has to feel and look ones best hahaha)
32.People who can take a joke and are funny
33.People playing with my hair (I love that,my nieces do it alot,its so relaxing
34.Reading fanfic
35.Making banners
37.Scents of alot of candles that I don't remember the names of hahahaha
38.The fantasy world I sometimes live in hahaha
40.Book marks (I want one of Brian and Justin or Gale and Randy)
41.The smell of petrol at petrol stations (wierd I know)
42.Angel ornaments
43.getting into clean sheets after coming from the shower
44.Learning new stuff
45.pampering my feet/self
46.Soft towels
47.Babies (I hope to have at least one some day)
48.My life (fucked up as it is sometimes)
50.Did I mention Gale? I did,ok ummm baby photos of my nieces and nephew and the the ones where they are toddlers,so beautiful
Tags: 50, i, love, meme, things
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