Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Meme - 50 things I hate

I saw this on the very lovely Lisa's brianswalk journal and was curious to know......do I actully hate 50 things?
Lets find out!

1.Rude folks

2.leaving my house on a rainy day


4.When my sister comes to my house and washes her hair,she never cleans up when shes finished

5.Cruelty to animals and folks


7.Laptops (I prefer a PC)

8.Last minute cleaning (if I can't be bothered doing house work (it doesn't happen often)and find out someone is coming im running around cleaning,it pisses me off to no end)

9.When my PC won't work and I can't come online

10.Folks not paying attention to me (Hey,im a drama princess)

11.Dentists (hey,im getting my gum slit and prodded around in for shreds of a tooth that was extracted in 2007,im terrified)

12.Day time TV

13.The press saying nasty things about celebs and not leaving them alone

14.Doing dishes

15.Getting my hair cut (I love it long but every now and then get it cut up to my chin and regret it straight away,im a does things on impulse type of lass)


17.Tight clothes on me

18.People singing a song and adding thier own words cos they can't remember the right ones





23.Cigarettes (which I think is strange since I somked myself,but now I hate them)

24.I hate that my dictionary didn’t recognize assface

25.Folks not taking others feelings into consideration

26.Hyped movies and when I watch them they are rubbish

27.The Twilght movies (grrr)

28.Eastenders (its a tv soap)

29.My bedroom decor

30.Brilliant tv shows with aweful finales (yes,I mean qaf season five aswell)

31.Expectations of me

32.Waiting for things im looking forward to

33.The song I kissed a girl by Katy Perry




37.People Wearing socks with sandals

38.Video games

39.Lables on the back of garments,it scratches my neck alot

40.Friends (The tv show)I loved it alot but now I hate it alot,its always on E4


42.Dirty toilets


44.Not having me time

45.Bad smells

46.Feeling sick

47.My folks complaining

48.Having psoriasis (I have been plagued since I was 11 and im now 31)

49.WIPS Fics

50. When folks don't like Gale and Randy (whats wrong with you people hahaha)
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