Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Banner Blast!!

I was unable to go on the internet for two days due to computer problems that are thankfully now sorted,but I was able to do these banners offline.

They are different to my usual way of working but I have to say I am happy with then results,see for yourself.

Snag any you like and theres no need to credit as my name is already on them hahaha (its the coffee making me hyper.....I swear haha).

I won't be posting these anywhere other than here and my graphics community yvonne_harold and the reason is no one replies to them anyway so im just not gonna bother with them anymore.
In one of them I posted like 10 times and got not 1 reply.

Ok,so I really hope you like this batch and please leave feedback if you do (even if you don't I still accept cristism).

Love to all my fellow journalers


Tags: artistic, banners
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