Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Thanks to you guys........

.........I was up til 5 am this morning making these,im not complaining as I had not much sleep in me for last night so it gave me something to do hahaha.
Im sending out a very special Thank You to the following lassies for their wonderful advice on where I should look for a new program to work with.......
pfodge lumcheng bkrave aj_socks and of course our wonderful Nicky ifuseeknicky who's always been on hand for help and advice,you guys are amazing thanks.

Anyway,without further ado,here is the next bacth I worked on endlessy all night long,so be totally honest about my work. I am not nor have I ever been afraid of criticism ,so give it to me straight......... Do you think these banners are for shit?.......lay it on me!!

Tags: banners, honesty
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