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Ramblings + pics hehe

I had a somewhat interestingly pleasnt day today!
I got alot done before I came online and finished up reading and commenting to the fics in my fics community queer_as_fics
I swear,you guys who post there are the greatest fic writers in the fandom,im always speechless at your fics.

I got my emails all replied to and up to date aswell,im so glad about that as I had kinda neglected that aswell.

I have much to do tomorrow,firstly I have to go to the post office and find out from them what the fuck the delay is in a parcel I sent to someone on the 5th of this month,it usually only takes 3-5 days for stuff to get there.
They said I have to fill out a form and send the reciept to the Royal mail so they can track it,im kinda worried about it but I have confidence I will get to the bottom of it.

Well,its now 00.21 and im hitting the sack,its been a long day and I have much stuff to get done tomorrow including house work (yippy).

Whatever your doing tomorrow I hope you have a great day :):):)
Love you all
Vonnie x

Tags: brian, gale harold, justin, parcels, pics, queer as folk, ramblings, royal mail
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