Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Is it hot in here???

I thought I would make textless banners for a change because really I was kinda out of ideas for what text to put in haha.

Anyone can use them if they want to but please tell me what you think of them as im always trying to create new stuff and comments help inspire me.

I watched Titanic last night and cried my heart out,it felt good afterwards,like a ton had been lifted off my shoulders,a ton I had no idea was even there,but it was!

Im off to visit my nieces granny tonight to present here with pics I made of her and her son and also to give her one that was made for me by Viv ( foreverbm ) to whom im very grateful.

Any how,im off now,have a great day and I hope you enjoy my banners.
Love you all,Vonnie x
Tags: banners, gale harold
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