Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Another exciting day

Well,its raining very heavy outside today and im not stepping foot out there today again!!!

On my way out from the shop I slipped coming round the corner and all passer bys could see was my bag of potatoes rolling down the street along with all my tins,it wasn't even funny but they laughed anyway....grrrr!
*sees the funny side and bursts out laughing*

But yea,im not going out again in that and wouldn't have in the first place only I needed stuff from the shop.

Anyway,its Gales birthday today,hes 41 can you believe it,he so doesn't look it does he?

I made thes banners and wanted to share them,all are free to snag as usual (credited of course bal bal bla) and you know I adore comments,espcially on this horrid miserable weather day
Vonnie x

Ps,im looking after my two nieces tonight for my sister (she said if I did she would pay me and I can put it towards the "Yvonnes Paris Fund" hehe)
The girls promise to be good so I will have no bother with them,I believe them.

Tags: babysitting, banners, birthdays, gale harold
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