Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Brian and Justin

Here are some banners I made in the last few days I wanted to post in my journal and in other places.
They are of Brian and Justin,and one of Britney Spears.
I hope you will like them,but if you think they are for shit,please say so as I can take it,im a big girl you know haha.
Vonnie x

Heres a link to a Brian and Justin video made by Nicky ifuseeknicky that im listening to in the background of my pc while making this post,I adore the song and video.



Edited: Due to bad spelling pointed out very nicely by dani
dani_blondy and kathleen 7wildwaysup thanks so much,theres nothing worse than going back sometime and realising I made errors haha

Tags: banners, britney spears, i do, video, westlife
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