Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Im escaping real life for a week lol

My fellow Journalers,im off on vacation on Saturday for a week and won't have any computer access.

Im going to the south of Ireland with my cousin and her kid for some time away from rl,God knows I could use it and im looking forward to it aswell.

I will miss you all alot,especially those of you I have grown fond of talking to (thats actually all of you) and I will miss making banners and posting them.Listen to me,I sound like its forever,forever without anything Gale and Randy related......yea,im not sure I could handle that at all lol.

Tomorrow im taking my dog to someones house and they will be taking care of her,then im gonna do some house work,Iron my rags (clothes) and pack my widdle bags,im so looking forward to getting away.

I will miss talking to you all but I hope whatever you are doing at the eekend and next week you will all be safe and happy.

Later,Vonnie x
Tags: real life, vaction
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