Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Join in on the fun

Attention All You Gale & Randy Fans:

Come on over to the new Facebook group and join the fun. Do you have a favorite video or pictures of Gale or Randy you would like to share? What about a discussion about the work they have done or events they have been involved in? Or is there a special topic you would like to discuss or questions about them another fan could answer?

If all of this sounds like fun and you would love to be involved, then come on over and join the new Gale Harold & Randy Harrison Fans Facebook Group. A place we can all get together and have a great time.
Heres the link

This broadcast was brought to you by your very own.........*Drums*


(ok,Pat positive_pat wrote all of the above for me cos I suck at advertising)but if you are on facebook come and lets have fun with our fave men,everyone is welcome.

While im on the topic of advertising (fuck,wheres Brian when I need him haha) I also want to mention I do still have a graphics journal you know,its here yvonne_harold if you have created graphics,banners,icons ect...that you are proud of and want to share,post them here,im a nice gal really :)

From Vonnie
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