Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Randy love

Today I got my grass done by this really hot fella,I flirted with him for ages,he was so hot.
I just didn't have the confidence today to ask him out,im having a day full of self doubts about myself.

I never slept the last few nights at all and just watched Queer as folk,im starting on season five next.
I hate it when I can't sleep,it sucks!!

Wasn't that Randy clip on youtube funny??? (Jack in a box).
I have no sound on my computer and heard nothing but from the look on his face I know he was a rude little shit (he would've made Brian proud haha)
I do know he says to the man,"Take a seat and don't rip anything from the magazines" I lip read that part,I can do that sometimes,what I don't know is what he says when hes shouting,can someone tell me please?

Anyway,im off now to catch up on my friends page,have a good week everyone.
Vonnie x
Tags: clip, mag, pic
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