Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Just a rant

I think Randy is really hot in this pic *licks the screen*

And as for that Gale pic *licks the screen and then passes out*

Im feeling rather good today thankfully.
I got my brain scan results back from my doctor yesterday and everything is normal,he has no idea what caused the headches at all,but everything in my brain is fine (thankfully).

Its Thursday again,this week went by very fast.
Yesterday I made some more graphics and I can't wait to post them this weekend here yvonne_harold
at my graphics community.

You know,you don't have to make graphics to join,you can join and show your support of the graphic makers in there aswell :)

Anyway,im off to get my housework done,its not gonna do itself (and I was having such a lazy day haha)
Chat to you all soon
Vonnie x
Tags: rant
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