Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Please read this and join yvonne_harold

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I have opened a graphics community where we can post graphics and share them with each other,its just for fun really,so if you would like to join then please do,heres the link yvonne_harold (yes I know,in my dreams,but hey,a girl can dream)haha.

I had wanted to make this a place were I could put the stuff I make but then decided to bring you guys in too (I just would feel lonely,awww lol).

Please join and have fun with making your graphics,the only rule here is fun fun fun oh and being respectful of others too but thats a given.

Im very excited about this community.
My other community queer_as_fics is doing great aswell,sorry about the problems im having with it at the min,they will be sorted asap.

Im very excited!!!!
Thanks guys,you all are awesome!!! :)))
Vonnie x
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