Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Some questions you might help me with

1.Im wanting to friend lock my journal but don't know how to,can you help please?

2.Im wanting to lock my community and make it so I can choose if I would like someone to join it or not (I don't want minors in there and I should have done it this way at the start)can you help with that too please?

I did a full check in my community tonight and thankfully there are no minors but I was just lucky,and thats why I think its best to have them both locked,just to be safe,I want to check properly that no one can come into my journal/community unless I say yes (if I don't know who they are) ,and this won't affect any of my flist who are mutal friends (I think).

Will someone advise me please?

Again,its just to be safe

Vonnie x
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