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Faberge Eggs,Charlie and me

I got a letter today that gave me a date for my CT scan,its on Monday the 12th May,thankfully its not too long to wait,just 5 more days.
The painkillers they gave me are helpful but when I move around too much and bend down,it still gets very painful.

Im gonna share with you some pics (made by me lol) of the Faberge eggs I made a fews years ago,I just made the first two,the third one was a gift (its ceramic).

And of course,new pics of Charlie, we thought she might be pregnant,but we don't think she is anymore,enjoy the pics anyway.

I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are doing,lots of love and hugs from Vonnie.

Ps,a very special "Thank you" to edom56 fancypantsdylan buzziecat and sandra_qaf for the milk,cookies and the kind words also,you guys rock!! :)


And wee Charlie......

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