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Just another manic Monday

I never really got on my journal yesterday as I had a friend round who thought it would be funny to take the piss out of me all day and night lol,it was good craic I have to say,even if the laughter was at my expense :)

Thank you again to the mystery person who sent me a coffee v-gift,I would love to have a coffee with you if A:I knew who the hell you are,and B:I knew where you are lol,seriously,thanks so much who ever you are,its wonderful to get them.
*Hugs you tight*

My community is coming along great queer_as_fics so Thanks again to you all for your kindness and support,but please be kind and support Lys' and Nicky too @ qaf_collabos
I like to give them a mention cos they are just starting out a community like me,so please support them too,thanks. :)

Yep,I made these pics you see before you,I had a few free hours earlier and couldn't help myself in photoscape lol,if you like any of them feel free to take,you don't even have to credit as long as you like them lol

Ok,I better get the rest of my house work done,take care everyone and have a great day,love you all,Vonnie x

((Massive hugs))

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