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19 April 2011 @ 20:59
Just a question  
I have two journals im not using anymore that I would like to delete....how do I do that?

Oh and my new community is called queer_as_fics so please join that,you guys can post your fics there,or give us links to your fave fics so we can read them and see why you love them.
Any pairing from the most awesome show that Showtime has given us is acceptable,and there are no rules (I hate rules,they're only stupid guildlines anway lol).
Go join and enjoy............

Wonderful grafic by masterglory,who doesn't love Gloria???
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mood: excitedexcited
*Dops: Allan Handsdoppelgangerqaf on 19th April 2010 21:42 (UTC)
Joining now!!!! Let me know what images you would like for the comm, I know you wanted something purplish right?

*iz excited!*
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 19th April 2010 22:41 (UTC)
Yes please,light purplish,and please choose a cast pic,but please also include Michael and Ben,any cast pic will be fine,can you please write "Queer as Fics" on it too,work away,im sure I love your ideas.
Yvonne x
*Dops: Max Sillydoppelgangerqaf on 19th April 2010 21:43 (UTC)
Oh as for your two other LJs, you just delete it-- you should be able to do that in the account info and then you have about 30 days to change your mind, after that, it'll be purged... I think that's the word XO)
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 19th April 2010 22:41 (UTC)
Thanks honey.x