Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Have a great weekend everyone


I had to get a keyboard for my computer today as mine just broke,its ok cos a friend of mine has a computer she never uses since she got her lap top and said I could have hers,im so grateful.

Its a lovely day outside today,it has been a wonderful last few days weather wise thankfully,my vampire white face is kinda burn't,especially my nose,I look like fucking rudolph lol,other than that everything is good.

I thought the homer drooling pic with "ummm,Gale was a funny touch (yes,I know hes married to Marge but she gave me her permission to post this pic with him drooling thinking about Gale if I babysit tonight)lol

I have a ton of house work to get done and then im gonna read some fic,will chat to you all soon,Godbless and I love you all.
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