Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Happy Sunday

Hi all,I hope everyone had a great weekend,its Sunday now and here in a almost very often wet N.Ireland.....its a sunny day.
Its lovely to see it!!!!
I had a fine weekend,talking on facebook to loads of very nice people,I went shopping and tried out a new cafe,its not bad but the coffee is rank lol,anyway,my nieces came to visit,we had ice-cream and went for a few walks to a huge park and they played on the equipment there for like ages,it was a fun weekend overall.

These awesome Video's were made by our wonderful buddy Nicky ifuseeknicky (I have never made a video like this in my life and never will lol)Im posting them here because im sure there are some of you on my flist who may not have seen them,they are wonderful video's,I really love them both alot. I hope very much you enjoy them both as much as I do, chat soon

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