Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

What I iz up to

Theres a new addition to the family in the form of this baby,his name in **DJ Lynch Reid**,the pups mom is called Cheeky and belonged to my nieces dad Mark (who passed away a few months ago).(she now lives with Marks mom).
Dj is now living with my niece Jordan and her mom and they have him spoilt rotten,believe me,hes ruined lol.
He sleeps at the bottom of my nieces bed and everything,its so adorable :)))

I spoke with my sis and mom (who left one of my nieces in my care this morning and headed of to the town) when they got back from the town at how furious it made me that they shouted up the stairs to me that they were leaving her with me,given I made it perfectly clear under no obligation was I babysitting again given the two siezures I had two weeks ago was due to stress because of that,and they said "sorry",they were away for two and a half hours and I had to keep on a brave face for my niece and wait until she went out to play to say it to them,which wasn't easy since I was angry.

I was on facebook for a while earlier and was Frenching with Nicky ifuseeknicky,(speaking French with him).
I hoked out my old school books and was surprised at how much I loved it,it was fun lol.

Anyway,I iz off now to read some more fic,im currently enjoying a story called "Purr-fect love by rromantic on a site called beam_bj and I effing love it,its great on these cold evenings.

Later then
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